Stopping replica watches has always been an important issue that plagues many watch fans. However, the reason why the watch stopped is not so simple.

Stopping replica watches has always been an important issue that plagues many watch fans. However, the reason why the watch stopped is not so simple.
Among them, for quartz watches, there are two reasons for the watch to stop. One is that the battery is dead, which is the most common reason, and the other is that the movement has a problem, or even the movement circuit board. It is more serious because the watch has gotten water into the circuit board.

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For automatic mechanical replica watches, one of the more common reasons is the lack of power in the movement. In fact, the automatic watch does not automatically wind itself, but the movement of the wearer's arm and body is used to drive the movement of the automatic rotor and thus become the movement. Winding, if the body does not exercise enough or the watch has been left for a long time, it is normal for the movement to stop. The famous automatic machine richard mille replica are all high-quality Swiss eta movements.

At the same time, whether it is an automatic mechanical watch or a manual mechanical watch, some common problems will also be encountered. For example, if the watch is subjected to some violent collisions, some parts of the watch may stuck. If the problem is not serious, move it a little bit, and it may be fine. However, if the problem is more serious, send the watch to a professional organization for repair. There is also the problem of magnetism in the movement. Some mechanical watches will cause the movement to move faster if they are exposed to a relatively strong magnetic field (such as audio, etc.). If it is more serious, it will also cause the watch to stop. This is mainly due to the movement. The slender hairsprings inside "sticked" together.

If you find it troublesome to go to a repair shop, the way to demagnetize yourself is to stand up an iron block or body product with a round hole, and shuttle the watch back and forth in the round hole several times, the magnetism of the hairspring is absorbed. If this still does not solve the problem, of course you have to get the brand after-sales service or professional organization to deal with it. In addition, there is a more serious problem that is the movement of the parts of the movement or the "coordination" of the parts. This situation may be the reason why your watch has not been well maintained for a long time, and It may be that something went wrong in the process of wearing, storing or using.

If the replica watches receive a violent collision, it may cause the movement gears and other parts to become loose or misaligned. This will also cause the mechanical watch to stop moving. In addition, there is one point to note. For watches that are not worn for a long time, you cannot put the watch in a box or cabinet with mothballs or hygienic balls, because this will deteriorate the oil, and the watch should be used every interval. The last time it was clocked or worn, to ensure the flexibility of the movement inside the movement. Of course, it is recommended that the automatic mechanical watch should be placed in the watch shaker.

But to say a thousand words and ten thousand, we all know that watches have "three proofs" (waterproof, anti-magnetic, and shockproof). Except for some of the phenomena mentioned above, any mistakes in these three aspects may affect the replica. Watches cause a serious impact, which in turn causes the watch to stop. Although we have given some tips for individual stop-and-go issues above, these are all carried out without opening the cover or case by yourself. If the problem still cannot be solved, only I can hand over the watch to a professional organization. To some extent, the movement of the watch is actually very "squeaky", even so "squeaky" that it cannot be taken off by others, so as not to cause more damage to the movement due to dust or water vapor entering.

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