From the perspective of color, what are the more popular watches rolex replica ?

When it comes to which brands of replica watches are popular, everyone must have different opinions. You can even name many brands, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Omega, IWC, Richard Mille, Breitling Replica , etc, including us today The more focused Rolex, almost each of their brands can be said to be unique, each with its own merits.

rolex sub black

However, when it comes to color, it can be said frankly that not every brand can interpret the color so much. For example, what do you say is the main color of Patek Philippe? Black leather belt + white (stainless steel, platinum, platinum, etc.) case is probably the impression of many people. In fact, many watch brands are like this, not just one brand. Of course, although Patek Philippe does not have a lot of ink on the color, it is eye-catching in the complex functions of the watch and the craftsmanship of the watch.

Perhaps some brands have not paid special attention to the issue of color, or perhaps some brands have launched some models of different colors, but they have not attracted much attention. Therefore, in comparison, the color of Rolex replica watches is more concerned. Let's talk about them separately.

1, black
Black is actually very serious or very solemn. For example, the Qin Dynasty in our country is still black. Many classic Rolex watch dials are black, such as Submariner, GMT and so on. Observing many watch brands, there are so many black dials that can be made, and there are not many people who have received such attention. Many brands are actually "immersed" in the world of white or light dials. Of course, there is also a reason that they have launched black dial watches, but they have not received such attention.
2. Golden
Gold symbolizes wealth and honor. At this point, the East and the West have almost the same aesthetics. And the golden rolex (golden diary type or week calendar type is more concerned), has always been one of the important cognitions of many watch fans to Rolex. However, gold is also very picky. If it is not used well, or if it is not well matched, it is easy to cause disharmony. Therefore, to hold the golden aura, you really need a different aura. Golden replica rolex day date watches purchase link to share. A friend close to the author once said that he likes gold rolex very much, but he would not consider it yet because he was worried that he could not hold gold rolex, and wanted to wait until he was 60 years old to consider it. Later, he chose a Montblanc Formal watches and an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch (sports and leisure watch).
3. Green
Green often represents vigorous vitality or vigorous vitality. Therefore, many watch fans love green. However, it is not difficult to find that there are actually very few brands that really make green fire. Among them, the Rolex Hulk is a more representative watch, and it has even been fired. In addition, Rolex and Submariner with green bezel, and gold Daytona with green dial are also more concerned.
4. Color mix and match
The color mix and match, in fact, more prominent colors. Therefore, this is not something that many brands are willing to try easily. After all, color mixing and matching is relatively risky compared to a safe color choice, which can easily lead to a polarization of likes and dislikes. However, some of Rolex's color mix and match watches are more eye-catching, especially Daytona and GMT watches, such as the combination of red and black, and the combination of red and blue, also known as the Coke circle or the Pepsi circle.
rolex GMT

In addition, there are also Rainbow Dayona that many watch fans are paying more attention to. The so-called "rainbow" is actually the colorful diamonds on the outer ring, forming a circle as gorgeous as a rainbow, and even continued to the bridge and the lugs with scattered diamonds, which can be said to be very luxurious. Rainbow Dayona first appeared at the Basel Watch Fair in 2012. This watch is mainly divided into two versions, one is the gold and diamond version with model number 116598, and the other is the platinum and diamond version with model number 116599.
Objectively speaking, it is not easy for a brand to interpret the theme of color to this extent. It is even more difficult for a brand to be able to make the factor of color not only eye-catching, but also able to grasp the heart, and still have a market. However, we should also see that not all watch fans are interested in watches with such prominent colors or hues. These are all normal.

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